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Slow is our Philosophy to live (in) Sicily: a land to be discovered and lived slowly, to fully appreciate all the features and characteristics which set it apart from the rest of the world.

Slow Sicily was created to let people know this Earth, its many faces, cultures and traditions that change from town to town, cities countryside and seas.

Slow Sicily brings together Travelers who love the beauty and goodness, purity and Authenticity. Travelers who often return to rediscover themselves, meet, share and participate.

«Atlases say that Sicily is an island and it will be true, the atlases are books of honor, you know. But here everything is mixed, changing, contradictory, as in the most composite continent. It is true that the Sicilies are many, I will never cease to count them. There is the Green Sicily of the carob trees, the White of the salt pans, the Yellow of sulfur, the Golden of the honey and the Purple lava ones. There is a Sicily which is “Babba”, that is mild to sound stupid; and a Sicily “Sperta”, that is smart, dedicated to the most practical utility of violence and fraud. There is a lazy Sicily and a frantic one; a Sicily tapering off in the anguish of the stuff and the one playing life as a Carnival script. One, finally, that protrudes from a ridge of wind in a fit of dazzled delirium…»

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